OLIVINUS 2021 otorgó 243 premios de 17 países

With the oils from Argentina as the main winners, followed by Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Italy and Tunes, the international competition for Extra Virgin Olive Oil OLIVINUS 2021 ended. Due to the pandemic, the tastings ended on October 5, 22 juries participated of them. The general management was carried out by Leonardo Castellani and the service management, by Sommelier Carolina Caprio.

OLIVINUS, considered among the TOP 5 of the international EVOO competition according to the EVOO World Ranking, is the competition where all the olive oils come directly from direct producers and not from importers or distributors, and it is the only one in the world where the The ratio of oils in the world is absolutely greater than that of the organizing country (Argentina 25%).

The highlight has undoubtedly been the highest quality of the products presented by companies around the world, who bet on their best EVOO.

The OLIVINUS 2021 International contest, awarded 243 prizes distributed in EVOO from 11 of the 17 countries, which presented samples. This contest is the largest that exists in the entire Southern Hemisphere and also the most important in South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

The maximum scores achieved was 98 points and the minimum scores to obtain prizes was 65 points from all the judges.

The medals were distributed between: 164 of Great Gold Prestige, 48 of Gold Prestige and 31 of Gold.

OLIVINUS is considered among the number 1 by the EVOO World Ranking, with the same score as the TerraOlivo (Jerusalem- Israel), New York (USA) and EVO-IOOC (Italy) contests.

The highest number of medals went to products from Argentina with 66, Turkey 55, Greece 52, Spain 31 and Portugal with 20 awards.

The certificates can be found on the official page of the event www.olivinus.com.ar.


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