As part of putting together Olive oil, Nutrition and Health there will be a competition held in the Argentina, during the month of August known as: OLIVINUS - International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition


OLIVINUS - International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, organized to reach the following objectives:

  • Award the best Olive Oils Extra Virgin from all over the world.
  • Promote all the nutritional benefits of Olive Oils EV directly to its consumers.
  • Encourage the International market to notice the exceptional qualities of Olive Oils EV produced by different countries.
  • Promote and make perceptible Olive Oil markets in the latin america and the rest of the world.
  • Spread all the advantages of having a Mediterranean diet.
  • Introduce all winners to potential importers, in international markets and to the media.
  • Increase the international consumption of Olive Oils.


The Competition will have the following stages:

OLIVINUS - International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition: All Olive Oils will be tasted by a panel of professionals who will assess and classify them according to the COI.

Guided Sampling: There will be a guided sampling of Olive Oils commented by the main specialists of the jury.

First opening for winners to the press: All award winners will be presented to the International media and will be introduced to importers and distributors from worldwide markets.


They are admitted all EVOs of any country in the world.

    They must meet the following requirements:
  1. The oils submitted should have a chemical analysis for free fatty acids completed no more than 180 days prior to submission.
  2. To be considered extra virgin olive oils, the free fatty acid level must not be more than 0.8% with a peroxide index of less than 20.

The Competition will have the following categories: Please see Entry Form and Categories

All Extra virgin olive oils that are packed to the date of the contest or in the commercial market can participate.


They can participate in OLIVINUS: producers, exporters, importers and traders Olive Oil


Participants must submit by any means before 1 August at OLIVINUS a registration form for each sample submitted (see registration) with the payment form and / or proof of transfer.

Registration fees amount to € 210.00 (to Euros) for the first sample and € 180.00 (Euros) for the following samples.
Example: Registration of 3 samples: € 570.00 (Euros) (€ 210 for the first sample and € 180 for each of the others).

These expenses must be paid at the time of registration.

The EVOOs whose registration fees have not been paid will not participate in the competition.

Each participant will receive by return mail a receipt of payment. Fees charged to mark the registration of entries are assigned to the organization.

The payment is by credit card through PayPal or bank transfer. For data transfer bank account to communicate with the Organization for the coordinates to mail ( or phone (+54) 261-4225188.


For more information see payment and inscription


The samples presented and bottled must:

  • Come from a homogeneous lot of a minimum volume of 5 Hl. (500 liters)
  • Already they are bottled in containers of a nominal volume less than or equal to 1.5 liters

For each entry, participants must send UP BEFORE 1 AUGUST:

  • 2 bottles or containers

With a certificate of physical and chemical analysis laboratory in the country for identification

Packages must be labeled or identified. The labeling of products must comply with current regulations in the country of manufacture


After certifying all documents, labels, valid laboratory certificates and that the sample complies with all regulations and inscription of the competition, it is classified and entered in a specific category.

The Tasting Sheet from the OIC (International Olive Council) that has 0 to 100 points and a modified system of OLIVINUS International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition will be used as the point system during the competition.


The technical committee selects the jury and members of the commission.

The number of International judges that taste all Olive Oils depends on the amount of samples presented for the competition.

Each commission (tasting Panel) will have (7) seven judges.

The competition is valid under the authority of a President (General Director of OLIVINUS International Olive Oil Competition).

Members of the committee do not participate on the ruling.


All participants will be informed of results be post or by e-mail, this will be the only official document that certifies the award and qualities of the product.

Winners will be given a trophy or medal OLIVINUS International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition and a certificate validating the awards won.

The awards are:

  • GRAN PRESTIGE GOLD (86-100 point)
  • PRESTIGE GOLD (76-85.99 points)
  • GOLD (65-75 point)

NOTE: remember that it is illegal to forge or falsify any logo of competition or the prizes, this will result in legal action and fines.


The technical committee awards samples that reach the highest points.

The amount of awards given to winning Olive Oils depends on the scale of the COI. No awards will be given if in a category there are less than five (25) different samples, referring to "different" as five (25) samples from different contestants.

There will also be SPECIAL awards:

  • Best Of Category Only 94 and Over point (minimum 20 samples in competition en each category)
  • Best International Award: goes to the best Olive Oil in the competition.
  • Best Society Award: goes to the best range of three olive Oils from the same company.
  • Best Of Country (minimum 20 samples in competition en each country)


The technical committee has the right to do an analytical control of the awarded Olive Oils Extra Virgin by sending a sample to a laboratory and certify that it complies with all its characteristics. A sample of all winners will be kept during 90 days for it to be controlled by any Argentine organism or if needs validation.

Three months after the competition, all spare samples will be sent to be used for sampling by schools or academies to promote them.

All details written on the entry form make the participant responsible of what is indicated and the technical committee has the right to reach out to any legal organism to prove its authenticity. It will always be tested against the original sample kept by the committee.

If there are any legal disputes with OLIVINUS International Olive Oil Competition the only competent court is the one from Mendoza, Argentina, regardless you nationality.

English and Spanish written documents will be considered official for the international competition.