Registration for OLIVINUS 2017 is open

From April 24 to August 10, the registration for Extra Virgin Olive Oil is open in one of the most important contests of the EVOO World Ranking.

In the last years OLIVINUS became the contest that more countries and samples registered of Extra Virgin Olive oil between all the countries of the world, arrived directly from the producers.

Although today 3 or 4 competitions exceed 350 samples, OLIVINUS has an average of more than 500 samples per year in its previous editions.

Unlike other world events, this contest has more than 75% of samples from different countries against 25% of samples from the organizing country. This is the most international of the world competitions.

Maximum registration and shipping date August 10



12vo OLIVINUS 2017

  • Award the highest score for the EVOO World Ranking after Mario Solinas and just like two other contests.
  • Broadcasts throughout the American continent, including North America
  • It is sent to the importers of the zone, with data of the winners.
  • Now in its 12th year and with global media coverage, OLIVINUS's reputation speaks for itself.
  • Its unique qualification process and the quality and experience of its judges will undoubtedly make OLIVINUS the most proven and credible competition in its class.
  • Unlike other contests, it awards full-color diplomas, medals and trophies since its inception.
  • It's the only contest that puts the score on Great Prestige Gold stickers (more than 86 points)
  • The winning product photo will be uploaded online.
  • The report written by the judges will be sent,


  • It is the only competition in the world where juries are children and young people between 8 and 14 years old, prepared for one year to act as judges.
  • This makes it possible to differentiate which are the best extra virgin olive oil in the world from the mink of children and new future consumers
  • Give EVOO World Ranking score, mid-level.
  • Broadcasts throughout the American continent, including North America
  • It is sent to the importers of the zone, with data of the winners.


  • Rewards the best designs, whether in packaging, labels, group presentations and general presentation.
  • Jurors are professionals in Design and Packaging.
  • Award points for the EVOO World Ranking.


Participate as Jury guests the most important professionals Sensory analysis endorsed by the IOC or schools tasting olive oil, while professionals Enology and Industry frutihortícolas, sommeliers, trade experts EVOO, journalists and other leading professionals from Argentina. The Director of International Expert Panel is Antonio Lauro (Italy).




OLIVINUS is the contest Nº 2 in the world, for EVOO World Ranking, and is the largest and oldest international contest EVOO is done in this part of the world annually (South America, Central America and the Caribbean). Award winners get the biggest amount of points (after M. Solinas) for EVOO World Ranking 2016 also placed stickers on your award points above 86 points, the highest world quality.

EVOO World Ranking

About OLIVINUS, International Competition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in South America, Central America and the Caribbean

Annually created to create awareness about the beneficial effects of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Nutrition and Health, it has maintained permanently, a great activity allowing the main Argentine and world experts describe the best EVOO according to their certified quality.

Participation is open all the EVOO: Classic, Organic and flavored. They are awarded only those olive oils do not exhibit any defects or negative descriptors. Extra Virgin grants a certification through three levels of awards: Gran Prestige Gold, Prestige Gold and Gold.


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